The 13th Lujiazui Forum 2021 Opens Today2021-6-10

Yi Gang: Monetary policy should focus on the impact of structural changes on price stability2021-6-10

Gong Zheng: To fully implement the central government's plan on supporting the high-level reform and opening up of the Pudong New Area2021-6-11

Bruno Le MAIRE: Continuous progress has been made in opening the Chinese financial sector despite the Covid-19 crisis2021-6-10

Guo Shuqing: Accelerate fostering the new development paradigm and prevent the resurgence of financial risks.2021-6-10

Yi Huiman: Neither tightening nor easing of IPOs2021-6-10

Pan Gongsheng: Sustainable investment will be a long-term goal for foreign exchange reserves management2021-6-11

Liu Guiping: Shanghai boasts huge potentials and advantages in leading the development of green finance2021-6-11

Marcos TROYJO: multilateral institutions should be part of the rule-making process of green finance2021-6-11

Shu Yinbiao: The era of "grid parity" for PV has arrived2021-6-11

Zhou Yueqiu: Adjusting structures, setting standards and mitigating risks2021-6-11

Tu Guangshao: A major trend, a great potential, and a significant role2021-6-11

Ren Deqi: The trend of globalization will not change after the pandemic, and China and France have cooperation opportunities in three areas2021-6-11

CHU Xiaoming: Registration-based IPO reform touches the nature of capital market operation2021-6-15

Thomas GOTTSTEIN:Chinese Capital Market Experiencing A Once-in-a-lifetime Evolution2021-6-15

Huang Zhaohui: capital market needs to be more deeply integrated with technology innovation2021-6-15

LIU Shaotong: Registration-based IPO reform advances capital formation for science and technology innovation2021-6-15

HU Xiaolian: the proportion of direct financing in the capital market increasessteadily2021-6-15

Huo Yingli: We have observed increased linkages between local and foreign currencies under the “dual circulation” context. 2021-6-15

Filippo GORI: The appeal of China’s capital market grows exponentially for overseas investors 2021-6-15

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