Liu Guiping: Shanghai boasts huge potentials and advantages in leading the development of green finance
June 11,2021

  Liu Guiping, Deputy Governor of the People's Bank of China, attended the plenary session twoof the 13th Lujiazui Forum 2021 “Leveraging the financial market to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, and delivered a keynote speech.

  Liu commentedthat Shanghai is at the forefront of green and low-carbon transformation in China and enjoysgreat potentialsand advantages in leading the development of green finance. In the future, Shanghai can further leverage its advantages and take greater steps in carbon accounting of financial institutions, mandatory disclosure of climate and environmental information of financial institutions and financing entities, as well asevaluation and validation of green financeproducts. This will not only help improve Shanghai's international competitiveness in green finance, lead the international trend of investment and financing in sustainable development, and advance Shanghai’s development as an international financial center, but also enhance the service capacity of the financial sectorfor green and low-carbon transformation, especially supportingthe progress of green technology through financial innovation and facilitatingShanghai’ s development as a center of innovation in science and technology.