Ren Deqi: The trend of globalization will not change after the pandemic, and China and France have cooperation opportunities in three areas
June 11,2021

  RenDeqi, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Communications, pointed out at today’s 13th Lujiazui Forum that although globalization has been affected by the pandemic, this trend remains unchanged and is in line with the law of economic development. There is much room for closer cooperation between China and France,and they should seize this period of strategic opportunities to deepen cooperation and innovation.

  Despite the impact of the pandemic, cooperation is still a major trend. Although last year’s pandemic hindered exchange of visitsbetween China and France, the latest statistics show that real figures of businessand trade tiesbetween the two sides are remarkable. In this context, there may be new changes in the fields and modes of China-Francecooperation, but the two parties are now facing an important period of strategic opportunities to build a new pattern of cooperation. To grasp this period of strategic opportunities, we need to continue to adhere to the principle of openness and mutual benefit, and to find, build and highlight the advantages of both sides, which puts forward new and higher requirements for the financial industry to deepen cooperation and innovation so as to contribute to opening up and win-win cooperation of the two countries.