Huang Zhaohui: capital market needs to be more deeply integrated with technology innovation
June 15,2021

  Huang Zhaohui, CEO of China International Capital Corporation, attended the Night Chat by Huangpu Riverof the 13th Lujiazui Forum on June 10.

  Huang said, with the steady progress of the registration-based IPO system reform, the equity financing function of the capital market will be further optimized and improved. At the macro level, the improved efficiency of the capital market has positive influence in two aspects. First,the capital market helps generate more capital at the macro level, which underpins the sustained and healthy economic development in the long term. Second, the capital market spurs technological development.Without the development of the equity market that matches capital with scientific endeavors, it would be difficult to scale up and commercialize research results. Scientists should be able to leverage the capital market to tap into and benefit from the business potentials of their research findings. This will stimulate continuous innovation and enhance long-term technological competitiveness of a country.